Red Phase Instruments - Design & Manufacture Electrical Test Equipment
Red Phase Instruments - Design & Manufacture Electrical Test Equipment

Red Phase Instruments     Red Phase Instruments, an Australian Manufacturer 

Scope: R&D, Production, sales and service of condition monitoring and test equipment for electrical assets.


For over 40 years Red Phase Instruments have been at the forefront in the
design and manufacture of test equipment used to investigate the
operational integrity of utility supply and metering systems.

Our aim is to consistently deliver high levels of service, quality and reliable
test equipment to our customers through engagement, topic research and
product development.

We are a trusted tier one supplier to the Electrical Power Industry in over
30 countries, from the Americas, Asia, Middle East, Africa, Pacific Islands and
Europe, with some of our products still in service with utilities around the
world after 20 years of operation.

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MODEL 4031 FSM4031 Frequency Selective Multimeter

The 4031 is a hand held frequency selective multimeter used to measure
terrestrial potential profiles as well as Step & Touch voltages in and around
an electrical grid such as a substation.
An added feature is the multimeter's ability to perform current branch
readings with either a Lem Flex or type 545 Rogowski coil.

The 4031 combines the features of the 4025 series of multimeters such as:
- 40Hz to 70Hz frequency selection in increments if 0.1Hz to 1Hz
- On board GPS for cable-less phase synchronization
- Flex LEM, 4031-L or Rogowski 4031-R version available
- Human or High impedance voltage measurement
and more..

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590K CVT Tester

0.05% Ratio accuracy - under rated voltage and load conditions
Truly portable ~ 20kg.

Test CVT's with up to 500 VA and at any Power Factor.
Able to test CVT rated to 500kV.

The Red Phase 590K has no equal in the portable CVT measurement
class, of this we are certain.

The 590K is the result of years of intense research into the
development of the most accurate portable CVT analyzer on the planet.
Using highly complex software modelling combined with specialized Digital Signal Processing and advanced computer hardware, the 590K has the ability to characterize even unknown CVT models to a ratio error of just
0.25% worst case but generally a CVT ratio error of 0.05% or better is achievable.

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